My Moronnotmonday

i hate my Monday, it was moronday
first i late to collage *don’t blame me, blame my eyes which cant be clossed till 2am*
second, i forgot my wallet (oh God how could i paid the ojek? Ojek was my savior when my class has already started 30minutes ago )
borrowed RP.5000 from my friend (See, i even didn’t have 5000 on me)
what a unwanted Monday…

actually, i have realized (after 2minutes meditation from the gate to the class) that i lost ability to controll my life.
i don’t know exactly why and since when my life goes uncontroll, it has just happened.. maybe thats all caused by me whom careless about my own self.. hemmm i supposed to learn how to love my self again..
love your self and you will love the world.. *someone from bestseller book about self development said that, and guess what, i have agreed with him or her (who care about sex), because when i hated my self, the world would become unfriendly . What a serious problem.. yes, its wiil be a big problem when word become your enemy, so start tomorrow morning i decide to stand in front of mirror look my reflection and whisper to my own self.. I love you I love you.. i believe it will work it .. i believe in will
all of that point bring me on a conclusion: “is not to late to take control my life before it go worst” (hey i am just twenty and i still have the next twenty to change.. i got the feeling i am gonna be able to controll my life again)
Btw, yesterday i bought a good book price RP.3000 (hey, dont jugde the book from the price, i gurantee the book is good. Beside that, in LOAK shop Rp.3000 is worthed) called “to be better life” i will read it this evening and practice the tips..
thats all my sharinng for today, wish me a better and more controll life *that my march wishes #giggles i wish you a monnotmoronday


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