One day when i decided to kill my self, Mitch Albom safe me!

I write this note on February 13th 2013.. Due to promise fill my blog at leats one post one day, I repost it. Enjoy!


Here i am sitting in front of my laptop,Chelsky writing a note which could make you (who ever accidentally read this because see the weird title) wondering what happen with me?
Well, all i can say is I am tired about everything..
I want to kill my self and wake up in a new world when all messy so called problem disappear
I want to wake up in new world when i can start everything from the zero point
I need a restart..

Every time my head full of shit like those damn i want and i need, I am gonna take a long day on book store to read free book. Book is the great medicine to distract shit things on my mind. Its temporary but  better than nothing . So I go to TM, a local book store in Detos, search a great book and something strange told me to read  “5 people you Met in heaven” by Mitch Albom. So, I picked up the book and go to the corner of the store, sit in the seat that been prepared by book store. Star reading!

The book tell a story about 85 years old man named Eddy, a Maintained man in a amusement park called Ruby Pier who died when try to safe a little girl from a broken rolled coaster. In place called Heaven he met 5 people who are gonna show him about his past life.

First people is Blue man, a man who has blue skin because of drinked some poisen when he was young. People who died because of Him.

Second people is Kapten, Eddie’s Comander when he joined US Army on world war two. People who have been saved by Eddi.

Third People is Ruby, Wife of Ruby Pier’s Founder. People who told Eddy to let his biggest grudge go.

Fourth people is Marguerite, the only woman he ever loved. Marguerite leave Eddie forever because of brain sarcoma. People who told Eddy that everything happened for reason.

The last People is Tala, a young asean girl who will give him answer of everything. The anwer Eddy and me always searching.. “Do i have ever did something useful for others?” And the answer is yes..

This book tough me about how to be grateful. The book made me realize  that life is full of blessing, sometime I just too blind to see those blessing. Envy, Angry, hate my self are the main caused why i am so blind. The book made me so damn regret about the idea of killing my self..
Micth has made me realized that there some people in my universe who love and always thank to God because they have me.

So, recommended book! 

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